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Lift party information
Pete Japikse
Published on: 3/9/2021
This email was sent to all lift owners that need to put lifts back in the water. It details signups and procedures to be followed this year.
2021 Season updates
Pete Japikse
Published on: 2/15/2021
Updates for season opening
2021 Membership renewal and Winter Dinner cancellation
Pete Japikse
Published on: 1/8/2021
Description of the 2021 electronic membership renewal campaign. Update on winter dinner status.
Independence Day Party at the club
Pete Japikse
Published on: 6/18/2020
Join with family and friends for a hog roast picnic at the club on Saturday July 4th after the races. Register now on the events page.
Club update from the Commodore
Dan Adams
Published on: 6/17/2020
Club update from the commodore
Racing season is here!
Pete Japikse
Published on: 6/5/2020
Notice of the first race of the year
No Racing on May 31
Pete Japikse
Published on: 5/26/2020
No Racing on May 31
Season update - May 13, 2020
Pete Japikse
Published on: 5/14/2020
This contains updates regarding the start of racing, a new SI addition, regatta procedures, policy regarding RC assignments
Club Open on May 9
Michael Conrad
Published on: 5/9/2020
Club Open on May 9
May 3 club update
Pete Japikse
Published on: 5/4/2020
Season opening update, revised club policies for COVID-19, racing readiness
April 19 CLSA update
Pete Japikse
Published on: 4/21/2020
Update on status of club and pre-planning for opening
April 3 CLSA Season update
Pete Japikse
Published on: 4/3/2020
See a copy of the communication sent to all members regarding the status of the sailing and activities season for CLSA
Do you want your family to get CLSA new emails?
Pete Japikse
Published on: 3/25/2020
Quick description of how to add family members and their email to your CLSA subscription
Not all the news is bad . . .
Pete Japikse
Published on: 3/25/2020
2020 accomplishments are beginning to accumulate . . .
Season continues to be "on hold"
Pete Japikse
Published on: 3/22/2020
April 4 club opening postponed indefinitely . . .
The lake is full!
Pete Japikse
Published on: 3/22/2020
The lake is full, and the first flood is behind us. The good news is no docks were lost. All the sink holes have been filled and the pink lady is resting happily afloat at her dock.
Riff Raff Regatta
Published on: 9/21/2019
The Snipe Riff Raff Regatta was a roaring success
August Racing Challenge
Published on: 7/26/2019
The first three Sundays in August are the time to get visitors and friends out on the water and a way develop members’racing skills. Bring out Friends, Family, Neighbors, Co-workers. Give your long time crew the helm! Scores do not count so the pressure is off- have some fun and teach!
History of Cowan Lake Sailing Association Pt 1
Published on: 7/24/2019
History of Cowan Lake Sailing Association Pt 1
History of Cowan Lake State Park
Published on: 7/10/2019
How did we get this jewel in Southwest Ohio?
Lake Fest 2019
Celebrate all things Cowan at Lake Fest, July 20 & 21
New Race Committee Boat
Published on: 4/30/2019
Our new Race Committee Boat is on the water
Lift Tagging
Published on: 4/13/2019
Hello CLSA Members!

A quick request from your harbormaster- As you put your lifts in this year be on the lookout for a small white tag just below the wheel of your lift. When you see the tag, read it and take the following action:

IF it says your name- Smile and have a nice season
If it says someone elses name, "for Sale", or has no tag- Send a picture of the lift, its current location (dock number) to me.

I am working to identify lifts to owners so that we can get an accurate account for what lifts have been abandonded and should be sold, as well as ensuring that all lifts are in and off of the shoreline.

Bryant, Your harbormaster.
Waterfront work complete!
Published on: 2/9/2019
The waterfront work - shoring up the pilings, securing the pied docks, etc, has been completed.
Winter Wonderland Work Party
Published on: 1/14/2019
1-13-19 - Over this past wintry weekend a number of our hardy members got a lot of work done to tighten up the dock pilings. The lake is at a low level that gives access to the shoreline for a few more weekends to finish it off. Thank you to Peter Japikse and the team for the work! More is too come!
New Fee Schedule posted
Published on: 12/21/2018
The CLSA Board of Governors has approved a clarified fee structure for 2019
Club House Closed
Published on: 11/9/2018
The water system at the Clubhouse and Shelter have been turned off for the winter.
If you come up to the lake to enjoy Fall and Winter plan accordingly.
Betty Ducan Women's Championship
Published on: 10/8/2018
Kaity Japiskse wins Betty Ducan Women's Championship!
Saturday Oct 6, 2018. With warm weather and good East, South-East winds we had long legs and great racing.
Six skippers raced in five different classes. Three races were conducted. Scoring was done using Portsmouth Yardstick.
2019 Nominees
Published on: 8/31/2018
Nominees for 2019 CLSA officers:

Vice Commodore: Dan Adams
Treasurer: Dave Hutton
Secretary: Tom Antunes
Board of Governors: Boyd Barnwell and Brian Thompson
Paddler Dock!
Published on: 6/24/2018
New racks for paddle boat add to newly cristen Paddle Dock.
Read full article for more info
Kitchen Wins Club Championship!
Published on: 5/30/2018
The Hornich Club Championship was sailed on Memorial Day with 4 fleet champions competing. Eight races were sailed in good conditions and Bruce Kitchen won the trophy in a tie-breaker with Andy Lawrence. Well done, Bruce! Click on the headline to see the detailed results.
Junior Program News
Published on: 2/4/2018
Registration for the 2018 Sail Camp is open. CLSAT leadership has also outlined their goals for the new year. Check out all the details in the attached article.
Winter Dinner
Published on: 1/21/2018
Winter Dinner was a well attended good time. Bob Rudy recognized with the Marcotte award. Fleet Champions recognized. Steve Tsuchiya delivers riveting talk.
Last Work Party A Big Success
Published on: 12/10/2017
Thanks to the hearty lads and lasses who braved the cold and the snow, a great deal was accomplished at the last work party of the year on Saturday Dec 9. Take a look at the photos of the end results.
Vintage Yachting Attire Day
Vintage Yachting Attire Day is 10/29. Click Read Article for details.
CLSA Ambassadors Needed
Consider becoming a CLSA Ambassador and help recruit new people to our Club. There are several types of roles you can play. Click on Read Article to get more information.
Labor Day Racing & Party a Success
Despite the unfavorable forecast, the Saturday races and party had much better conditions than expected and ended being a success. Saturday's first two races were held without any rain. I light mist was in the air during the latter part of the third race with winds in the 4-5 mph range. Temperature was 61 degrees. Way better than expected! The party was attended by over 70 people with Carolyn Price personally preparing a delicious meal of ribs & chicken and yummy sides and desserts. The musician received rave reviews for his song choices and muted volume.

Sunday's races we held in perfect conditions! Winds were out of the west at 7-9 mph with temperatures in the mid 80's. Over 20 boats participated with the results already posted on the web site.
Officer Election Results
During the Labor Day Party business meeting, the membership elected the following individuals as Board members for the coming year:

Commodore: Carolyn Price
Vice Commodore: Mark Hardenbergh
Treasurer: Tim Gilliland
Secretary: Carey Nelson
Governor: Jason Japikse
Governor: Jennifer Stewart

Thank you to these members for being willing to serve your Club in this manner.
No Vehicle Parking in Launch Area
The improvements in the launch area has brought a great deal of boats and activity to the expanded area. Many dollies are appearing and the racks are also being used by members for their paddle boards and kayaks. This is exactly what we wanted. What we DO NOT want is for anyone to leave their car in this area for longer than 20 minutes as they load/unload their boat or equipment. There is no reason for a car to be parked in this area on any occasion. Thank you for heeding this reminder.
Sunday Race Recap
Published on: 8/27/2017
The end of the 2017 Summer series was well attended. Winds out of the North East varying between 2 and 8 MPH left no lead secure. There were lots of positional changes, with associated thrills and angst. After racing, a large number of associates hung around for social hour.
Sunday Race Recap
Published on: 8/21/2017
While better than last Sunday, the winds were still light and extremely shifty throughout the day with consistent winds of 4-5mph out of the south. The Race Committee set two windward leeward courses of 3 laps. The entire fleet was in the high teens in number. All in all, while hot (90 degrees), not a bad August day for racing. Check out the pictures by clicking on Read Article.
Sunday Race Recap
Published on: 8/14/2017
It didn't look good for racing as we started out on the lake at 1:00. The Race Committee postpone the start for 20 min as they tried to determine the predominant wind direction. Hard to tell with only thermals showing themselves. They set an Olympic course as the wind started to show itself, unfortunately it had changed sine the last decent reading, so it was a challenging course. We then ran a windward leeward course, with the wind failing right at the start. It picked up after one lap. Luckily the temperature was only 79 degrees. Winds never got above 5 mph. Check out the picture from the days activities.
Sunday Race Recap
Published on: 8/7/2017
The rain passed through and gave about 20 boats fair conditions to complete 2 windward leeward courses. Winds were light, never exceeding 5 mph. But the racers were glad to get the races in without any rain. Check out the pictures of the day's activities.
I-71 Bridge is Totally Completed!
Published on: 8/6/2017
The Jerimiah-Morrow bridge project appears complete. All equipment and orange barrels are gone. The segment of southbound I-71 marked 55 mph for the construction is now marked 70 mph. The first 65 mph sign is south of the rest area as before. When using it, be careful – you are merging into 70 mph traffic.
Sunday Race Recap
Published on: 7/31/2017
Perfect summer day and the sailers showed up with 35 boats participating in 2 windward leeward courses. The breeze was decent at between 5-8 mph with the typical tricky shifts. But it was great to see so many boats out enjoying the day.
CLSA Major Projects Update
Many projects have been undertaken of late at the Club such as Pram Dock removal, Culvert Bridge installation, Boneyard clean up and other efforts. Click on Read Article for a recap.
Sunday Race Report
Published on: 7/24/2017
The threat of thunderstorms kept the number of sailors down, but 2 Highlanders, 2 MC's, 1 Snipe and 5 Scots came out to race. The winds were quite variable in strength and direction (what's new) even giving the Scots a port start on a broad reach in the first race. All were glad the Race Committee hung in there to run two windward leeward races.
Racing & Safety Guidance Documents Published
With the challenging wind conditions we have experienced this spring, race management and safety have become key topics of discussion. Several actions have been taken as a result of these discussions.

The Board of Governor's has deemed it appropriate to provide some guidance to the Permanent Race Committee and it's First Officers concerning the Race Committee's dual goal of running fair and safe races each time we go out. It is important to point out that while the Club provides support vessels to all boats on the water, it is still incumbent upon the skipper of each boat to determine if the conditions are appropriate for their skills and confidence level. Click on Read Article for more details.
I-71 Morrow Bridge Lanes Open!
The traffic has been restored southbound over the Jerimiah-Morrow Bridge. The barriers are gone and new lane markers painted. It appears that landscaping is about finished too. It remains 55 mph in the area until they are done with trucks entering and leaving in the zone. As Cincinnati begins a nasty construction period on I-75, it’s good to have this project finished.
Independence Day Regatta a Success!
The annual Independence Day Regatta and Party was a big success. The sailing conditions were very nice both days and the modest number of boats who sailed had a great time. Over 60 people attended the party and the food and spirits were excellent. A slip 'n slide was enjoyed by the kids, as well as the new play area.
Safety Improvements Made to RC Vessels
Some important safety equipment has been added to all the race committee boats. Towing lines, ladders and boat hooks are now affixed to each boat. Anchors should always remain on each boat as well. With the proper key in hand, each vessel is now ready to go at moments notice. Click Read Article for more details. Thanks goes to Ken Irwin and Pete & Jason Japikse for these improvements.
A Great Day for Racing!
Published on: 6/5/2017
The weather was beautiful on Sunday with 7-9 mph winds (puffs up to 12 mph) out of the WSW. We ran two windward leeward course of 3 laps each to make sure the 20 some odd boats out there got a full value experience. Also of note, Bruce Kitchen took home all the hardware to be had at the Flying Scot Regatta this weekend.
Andy Lawrence is Club Champion!
Andy Lawrence won the Hornich Club Championship on Memorial Day. Well done to Andy for winning a VERY close competition. Click Read Article for the detailed results.
Photos from Memorial Day have been posted
Published on: 5/30/2017
After you've logged in, follow the links from the Community tab to see all the new photo albums.
Another Challenging Day of Racing
Published on: 5/14/2017
Winds were at a sustained 20+ MPH with gusts up to 38 MPH during the first race. Several boats braved the white caps on an otherwise beautiful day. Only 2 boats capsized. Alas, the Race Committee cancelled the second race as winds were above most class limits.
Flying Scot Regatta Registration
The Flying Pig Regatta will be held on June 3 & 4. It is also the Ohio District's Regatta. Click on Read Article then click the button to learn more and to register on the web site. Cost is $90 for a skipper and crew.
Memorial Day Party Registrations
The Memorial Day Party is on Saturday May 27 from 5-9pm following the day's races. You can save $5/person by registering in advance via credit card. You can also RSVP and pay at the door without the discount. BBQ, sides and dessert plus beer, wine and nonalcoholic beverages are included. Please plan to bring an appetizer or vegetable to share.
The Lake was Rock'n!
Published on: 5/8/2017
Winds started out at 14 to 18 mph out of the west, with gusts to ... to read more and see photos, follow this link:
Harbor Clean Up Completed
Two different work parties invested 31 person hours in the clean up efforts to the shoreline due to the flooding caused by the April 28 storms. Comments were heard as to how good the shoreline looks. Thanks to those who gave of their time and labor to this cause.
Racing Cancelled on April 30
Racing was cancelled ahead of the April 30 scheduled starts due to high wind forecasts and low water temperatures. It turned out to be a wise call. Click Read Article for more details.
Harbor Photos Post-Flooding
Published on: 4/30/2017
The lake flooded about a foot or two over it's banks due to Friday nights heavy rains. The debris left behind on the shoreline is extensive. Most lifts have branches laying on the frames and pads. Work parties will be needed this week and on Saturday to make the harbor operational again. Volunteers are welcome. Others will have to be assigned. Let us know if you can help. Click Read Article to see photos.
Learn to Sail Class May 20 & 21
Registration is open to the public for the Learn to Sail Class on May 20 & 21 starting at 9:00am. No prior experience required as this class covers the basics of sailing. Both chalk board and on the water instruction will be given by experienced sailors. Go to the Event Calendar and click on the May 20 event to register. The cost is only $25.
The Club Is Open!
Thanks to the hard work of multiple work parties on April 2, the Club is now open for business! The water is turned on, vessels have been launched and and lifts are going in the water. First day of racing is April 23rd. Will you be ready?
Safety Equipment Reminder
Be sure you have all the required safety equipment ready and in your boat as you approach the launch ramp. Watercraft inspections are typical this time of year so don't put yourself at risk of a fine. Also remember that the park rangers will be watching more closely this year for alcohol on boats. Click Read Article for a list of required safety equipment.
CPR/First Aid Class Being Offered
CLSA is offering a combined CPR/AED/First Aid course for CLSA members and families on April 30 from either 10am-12pm or 5pm-7pm. This course is offered as a ‘blended’ learning course-involving a web-based learning program (to be completed before April 30) and a hands-on training session. After completing the online portion of the course, all enrollees will participate in a 2-hour hands-on training session where we will review key points and practice the skills required in CPR, AED and First Aid. The cost for this training is only $32. You need to pay this fee via a credit card when you register for the class. Sign up directly on the CLSA web site by going to the event on the Event Calendar. Be sure to login first. For more details, click Read Article.
Dock Assignments Updated
The Harbormaster has just submitted his updated list of dock assignments. To view the assignments, login to ClubExpress. Under the Main Menu, click on Harbor > Dock Assignments. Click on Read Article for more details.
Race Committee Assignments Are Published
Published on: 3/23/2017
All RC assignments have been set and an email was sent to each assigned member on Sunday March 19. Please look for this e-mail and add your dates to your calendar. You are responsible for finding a substitute should you not be able to serve. Click Read Article for more information.
Work Party Assignments
Published on: 3/20/2017
Work parties related to the Club Opening have been made. If you are assigned, an email was sent to notify you of the date and time. Click Read Article for more information on how to determine your assignment dates.
Alcohol Enforcement Update
The State Park officers will be stepping up their program for watching for beer consumption by any boater. Club members are advised to adhere to the "no alcohol" policy while within the State Park limits. For more details click "Read Article".
Some Flooding at Cowan
Published on: 3/1/2017
From Mark Osterbrook at 5:30 pm today.
Dock Assignment Updates
A new Dock Assignment Listing has been added to the web site. The assignments listed are those from the end of the 2016 year. The Harbormaster will update these assignments after April 1 as this is when all membership renewals must be completed. Click "Read Article" for more information.
Lift Party Registration is Open
Published on: 2/24/2017
Lift Parties have been scheduled on the Events Calendar beginning on Sunday April 3. Go to the Events Calendar and look for the Lift Party events. Click on the chosen date/time and then click on Reserve a Spot. Only 8 members can sign up for a date/time.
ODNR Survey Open until March 8
The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) wants to hear from Ohioans about the outdoor recreational activities they enjoy the most. Ohio residents can share their opinions about their favorite activities, and any new or expanded outdoor recreational opportunities they would like to see in Ohio. Feedback from the survey will help state and federal officials set priorities for funding and improvements. Click "Read Article" to take the survey.
New Web Site Features
We have added 4 highly requested features; a Membership Listing, a Fleet Member Listing, a Dock Assignment Listing and a For Sale page. Click on "Read Article" for more details to utilize these features.
Betty Duncan Memorial Service
Long time Club member, Betty Duncan, passed away recently. An avid sailor and racer, the women's championship award is named in Betty's honor. A memorial service to celebrate her life will be held on March 25 in Cincinnati. Click "Read Article" for more details.
The "For Sale" Page is Back
A basic "For Sale" web page has been added to the new web site. Go to Community > For Sale to see the listings. Email the Webmaster should you want to add a new item.
Club Training Schedule Posted
Published on: 1/28/2017
A number of training classes have been scheduled for the 2017 season. Click on Read Article to see a summary.
ClubExpress Webmaster Comments
Published on: 1/27/2017
To learn more about the launch of ClubExpress, download the Webmaster's comments made at the Winter Dinner.
Preliminary Fleet Regatta Schedule
Published on: 1/27/2017
The preliminary schedule of all fleet regattas to be held at CLSA has been put on the calendar.
Youth Award Winners
Published on: 1/24/2017
See the list of youth award winners announced at our Winter Dinner
Annual Adult Awards Recap
Published on: 1/22/2017
The annual adult awards ceremony was conducted at the Winter Dinner on January 20th. Congratulations to all our winners!
Winter Dinner a Success
Published on: 1/22/2017
The January 20th Winter Dinner was a enjoyed by over 110 people at Receptions in Loveland.
Jay Carey - Club Historian
Published on: 1/22/2017
Jay Carey has volunteered to be the new Club Historian, responsible for the Club's historic records and awards.
New Gates Added
Published on: 1/7/2017
New gates have been added to the boneyard and the access road to the launch area.