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Last Work Party A Big Success

Jim Blackburn  | Published on 12/10/2017
Thanks to the hearty lads and lasses who braved the cold and the snow, a great deal was accomplished at the last work party of the year on Saturday Dec 9.

A road crew filled in all the pot holes on the access road to the Club. By keeping your speed down when entering, we can keep the gravel in those pot holes. A crew also placed 4 more fence posts along the new boneyard access gate. We plan to string rope between each post to discourage unauthorized access to this area (the rope is on back order).

The entire south shore of the harbor (aka Highlander Beach) was graveled along the sea wall thus burying all the exposed tie-rods. The eastern shore was done two Springs ago using the Egyptian Slave Labor Union, the Pink Lady and dozens upon dozens of wheel barrow loads across thee work parties. Highlander Beach was accomplished using modern technology (Doug's Bobcat) and the new culvert bridge and a few volunteers with rakes in less than one work party. What an improvement in our approach!

The remaining boat racks on the Sunfish Dock were also removed and the debris hauled up the hill by Mr. Bob Cat. While the lake level is down, we are waiting for the lake bed to freeze so we can get under this dock and assess it's structural integrity before deciding on our next steps in this area.

The mark container "beautification" project is now (finally) complete.  A crew removed the old and disintegrating steps and replaced them with new steps using 6 x 6 lumber that was piled along the tree line near the container. A lot of old mooring balls were also removed as well as the black drainage tubes from the Sunfish Dock.

The work party had one unexpected task as a large tree fell across what once was the Pram Dock area. This created a gapping hole in the shoreline pathway. The tree was cut so it no longer reached across to the opposite sea wall but a large portion of the tree was left in place with the root ball attached. This was done to help prevent further erosion of this area. A team filled in the hole with gravel and shored up the edge of the path with 6 x 6 lumber and more gravel.