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Kitchen Wins Club Championship!

Jim Blackburn  | Published on 5/30/2018

The CLSA Club Championship, also known as the Hornich Championship, was sailed on Memorial Day. Participants are the 2017 season champions of each fleet, or runner-up if the champion cannot sail. The format was to start in their own boat in the first race and rotate, round robin style into the next fleet boat for each race until competitors have sailed every boat. 

Only four fleets were represented this year. This would have resulted in 4 races. Since a good breeze was expected they agreed to two round-robin series resulting in 8 races. The day was warm and sunny with a 3-12 mph easterly with plenty of big shifts.  Handicap scoring was not used.  At the end of the day we had a tie.


In the event of such a tie, The SIs provided a tie-breaker of the most first places.  This resulted in Bruce Kitchen eking out a win over last year's winner Andy Lawrence. Congratulations Bruce!

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