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CLSA Ambassadors Needed

Jim Blackburn

Dear CLSA Members,

Our membership has been slipping in the past few years. We have formed a task force (CLSA Ambassadors) to step up our recruiting efforts, primarily via social media. As these efforts identify interested people, we need to engage with them at the Club. We have been working on the formation of a CLSA Ambassadors group to introducing people to CLSA, to get them sailing, to buy a boat, and to expand our race participation.

Some of the hurdles we face include:

  • Creating awareness of the club's existence for both experienced sailors, and those wanting to learn how to sail.
  • Teaching sailing and racing skills.
  • Helping new members to find and purchase boats.
  • Raising marketing funds.

We are asking that you become a CLSA Ambassador. Here are the ways that you can help:

Club Visitor Ambassadors:

This role is for members who are willing to show visitors around the club, answer questions, introduce them to other members, and to generally make them feel welcome at the club. Every member should act in this role when they encounter a prospect, but we plan to provide some formal instruction and materials to help those who want to be a Club Visitor Ambassador.

Go Sailing Ambassadors:

This role is for members who are willing to take prospects out sailing to build their interest in learning how to sail and joining the club. We will contact you when a prospects expresses interest in going sailing and you can pick a date to take them out.

Learn to Sail Ambassadors:

Currently we have an annual learn to sail course taught by Pete Japikse. It has been discussed that we need to offer more frequent learn to sail classes for new sailors. We envision a course that is less chalk talk and more on the water learning. If you want to lead a scaled down training class, let us know.

Social Media Ambassadors:

This role is designed for members who are already comfortable with social media. We will provide instructions on how to share and comment on CLSA posts, which will increase our relevance rankings on these sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.).

Marketing Fundraiser Ambassadors:

The most efficient way to grow our member base is to reach our target market through Facebook advertising. This will be an ongoing expense for the club. To offset this expense, we are creating an annual “Friends and Family” event to raise marketing funds (and, of course, to have a great time). The details of this party are still in the works, but will certainly require help in planning and making sure the event is a success. Do you want to get involved in this effort?



We want to make being an ambassador fun and non-stressful. Sign up today at CLSA Ambassador Sign Up and help grow our membership and sailing community. We will be in touch with you soon regarding next steps.

Brad Olinger
Social Media Chairman