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Racing & Safety Guidance Documents Published

Jim Blackburn

With the challenging wind conditions we have experienced this spring, race management and safety have become key topics of discussion. Several actions have been taken as a result of these discussions.

First, the Board of Governor's has deemed it appropriate to provide some guidance to the Permanent Race Committee and it's First Officers concerning the Race Committee's dual goal of running fair and safe races each time we go out. It is important to point out that while the Club provides support vessels to all boats on the water, it is still incumbent upon the skipper of each boat to determine if the conditions are appropriate for their skills and confidence level.

Secondly, I have   authorized the Vessels and Safety Chairs to upgrade the safety equipment on each of our support vessels. Most of these upgrades have already been accomplished. They include things like attached rescue ladders, boat hooks and towing/righting lines. We have also decided to always keep the anchors on each boat so we are ready to go when required.

Lastly, we have updated race management best practices document and sailing instructions. These are valuable resources to become familiar with as each member is required to serve on two race committees each year. If you are not a regular racer, review these documents before each assignment.  All of these documents have been posted on ClubExpress under the Racing > Race Management menu option. You can also click on each button below.

Club Racing and Safety Guidance

Race Management Best Practices

CLSA Sailing Instructions

If you have any questions or comments, direct them to the appropriate committee chair. We are open to your suggestions.