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CLSA Major Projects Update

Jim Blackburn
The Commodore wanted to give you all an update on some of the large projects we have been working on at the Club.

First off, the Pram Dock has been demolished and removed from the premises. It was no longer safe to walk on. With the improvements to the youth launch area, all the Prams have been moved to that location. The Pram Dock is no longer needed and will not be replaced. The footbridge near the Pram Dock will soon be replaced due to it's deteriorating condition.  

Pram Dock Removal

Doug Fisher, along with Bob Nelson, Bob Rudy and Bob Cat have completed the construction of the new Culvert Bridge leading to the southern shore. What a huge undertaking and we all need to thank these guys. We can now get equipment to that area for sea wall repair and underbrush control. 

New Culvert BridgeBridge Close Up            

The Culvert Bridge is Phase 1 in our efforts to improve access to the shoreline on the southern and eastern shores of the harbor. Mark Hardenbergh is leading a task force for Phase 2 where they will come up with a plan for the replacement of the Sunfish dock. It also is deteriorating. The only proviso this task force has is that whatever is built must be able to transport equipment (like a Bob Cat) to the eastern shore. Share your ideas for this area with Mark if you have any. 

The Bob Cat might have spilt a few (hundred) pieces of gravel as it transported the gravel for the bridge down the hill. If you are so inclined, pick up a few of these stones as you walk down the hill and drop them near the Culvert Bridge. This will need to be completed before we can plant new grass in the torn up area surrounding the bridge and the hill side leading to it. 

While the heavy equipment was at the Club to do the bridge work, we had them crush and remove two of the large unseaworthy boats in the Boneyard. This has freed up space for boat storage as we head into the Fall.  

Cleaned Up Boneyard

Lastly, primarily for safety reasons, the electrical hooks ups in the camper trailer area have been upgraded. We have also expanded the area to handle more pop up campers and small RV's. Signs have been posted in this grassy area to remind members that they can no longer store boat trailers in this area. The cost to keep a camper at the Club longer than 10 days is $100/half year.

Expanded Camper Area

As you can see, we have been busy of late with more projects to come. Thank you to all of those who contributed to these efforts. This Club only works because of each member's efforts.