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Jay Carey - Club Historian

Jim Blackburn  | Published on 1/22/2017
Jay Carey, of the Highlander fleet, has volunteered to be the new Club Historian.  Jay is a second generation member of CLSA, as his father was a long time member.  Jay grew up sailing on this lake and at this Club. He has some unique knowledge of the history of this Club and it's members that only few posses. In this role, Jay will periodically share some of these memories in news articles. He will also be combing through the Club's records looking for nuggets to share (Remember the Jib Sheet?).  Another area of responsibility for this role is to be sure ALL Club trophies are engraved with the names of the award's winners and to be sure each trophy is prominently displayed in the Clubhouse.  If you have ideas for Jay concerning his duties, please feel free to share them with him.  Just go to the Committees page and look up the Club Historian position. You can send him an email from there.  Thanks Jay for answering the Commodore's call to duty.