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Safety Improvements Made to RC Vessels

Jim Blackburn

All club vessels are now equipped with boarding ladders. The jon boats have mounted stern ladders and the pontoons have removable ladders. The Pink Lady has an orange wooden ladder which is designed to be deployed over the top side railing, just adjacent to a side gate. The folding ladder for the RC boat is stored adjacent to the helm station and is deployed by engaging the latches into the fittings on the port side of the front deck just forward of the railing. Boat hooks, stored in clips are on all boats. There are line holders for the tow lines.


Large radios are now installed on both jon boats. Also anchor lines are being upgraded and a tow line is supplied for each boat. To organize all this, tubs are supplied that are numbered to match the numbers recently placed on the boats. Contents are document pouch with ignition key, radio, tow line, a cushion pfd and 2 ordinary pfds. It is asked that all this equipment store in the tub when the boats are not in use. For all boats, the anchors and lines should remain aboard and rigged to go.


The vessels chair asks that if there is any equipment missing or broken that he be notified. Also, if a horn gas cylinder becomes empty, it be taken to the clubhouse and vessels chair notified.