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August Race Development month

August 5-26

A month to develop your favorite new members racing skills. Bring out Friends, Family, Neighbors, Co-workers. Give your long time crew the helm! Scores do not count so the pressure is off- have some fun and teach! 

Each race sailed will make you eligible for special August series prizes and trophies and increase your allowed throw outs for the season championship.

Objective:To increase new members exposure to sailboat racing without serious racers forfeiting their seasons scores.

Races: Scores are recorded but do not count for the season. Everything else is the same as every other Sunday!

Skippers should: (i) Check in with the committee boat (for season championship record)

(ii) Record the new sailors you took racing in the clip board on shore (for August series points and as a double check for the RC)   

Participation Incentives:

Incentive 1. While the scores for the races do not count for any skipper, the number of races finished will be added to the total number of throw outs you are allowed for the year. Races count toward the club championship regardless of who’s boat you sail in or whether you serve as skipper or crew. But you must self-identify before the race and state you are racing for club championship score.

Incentive 2. The races with new skippers/sailors will count towards a special August series. Points will be given for sailing with a non member, non-racer or crewing for a new skipper.

Scoring for August series:

  • 2 points per race sailed with 1 non club member. Up to a maximum of 4 points per race.

  • 1 point per race sailed with a non-racer. Up to a maximum of 2 points per race.

  • 1 point per race crewing for a new skipper (both established and new skippers will get points

  • 4 points is the maximum that can be earned per race

  • Separate prizes will be awarded to each participating fleet

How August series affects scoring for Season Championship

  • Sailors still need a 40% minimum races sailed to qualify for the season.

  • They would only be able to exclude a maximum of 15 % of their total races sailed, plus the bonus of earned throw outs from the August event.  As written in 20.3 (d).

  • Both 20.3 (d) and 20.3 (e) need to be taken into account to fully define the throw-out calculations.

  • Six races must be sailed in the August series to earn one throw out.


A few examples - Both assuming 53 races available which requires 21 races sailed to qualify for the season.


A)  JOHN RACER sails 21 total races, He will qualify for the season and get no throw-outs.  Rule 20.3 (d) as re-written states he must still have his score calculated with a minimum 40% of races unless altered by earned August throw-outs.  JOHN RACER attends the August event and earns 1 throw-out (i.e. he participates in ≥6 races).  He would then get to exclude one race score and would have his average calculated for final finish position of season scoring based on 20 races.


B)  MARY SKIPPER sails 27 total races, She will qualify for the season and have 4 throw outs based on the 15% rule (20.4 e).  MARY also attends the August series event and earns 1 throw-out.  She would then get to exclude a total of 5 races total for the season.  Her average would be based on 22 total scored races.


C) BRUCE SAILOR sails 19 total races.  He does not qualify for the season based on rule 20.3 (c).  BRUCE attends the August series event and earns 1 throw-out.  BRUCE has no calculated score for the season since he does not qualify and the throw-out does not apply.