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Pre-Race Checklist

Before the RC vessels leave the harbor, the following equipment and supplies should be aboard and accounted for.

All Vessels

Fuel quantity should be sufficient.
PFD’s sufficient for the number of crew including a throwable device.
An anchor and line. (These should already be on the boat)
A working radio tuned to channel 68. (Essential)
Fire extinguisher
Boat hooks
Towing/Righting lines

Committee Boat

Check that anchor with long chain is used.
Turn on CO2 tank and check pressure.
Test air horn.
Check all mounted signal flags for operation.
Check other signal flags. (Signal Flag Storage)
Check race forms.
Turn on and test loud hailer. Adjust the volume as loud as possible without causing feedback squealing.
Turn on radio to channel 68 and conduct radio check with other RC boats. Consider using cell phones as backup communication. Exchange phone numbers.
Check handheld anemometer.
Start and warm up engine. Engine tilt controlled by button on control handle.
Engine requires regular fuel, not premix. It uses special tank with attached hose with round fitting.

Mark Boat

2 large inflatable marks with anchors and line.
Small yellow starting mark with anchor and line.
Code flag C on a staff. Code flag M on a staff.

Red and green course change flags.

Whistle or horn
Mark inflator

Finish Boat

Large weather mark with anchor and line.
Small yellow offset mark with anchor and line.
Blue finish flag on a staff.
Code flag S on a staff.

Clipboard and finish forms.

Pink Lady

Check fuel in pump and test start. Pump is self priming, but may take a minute or so. Do not let inlet hose touch bottom – it will pick up gravel.
Pump fuel is regular gasoline – not pre-mix.
Check first aid kit.
Tool kit
Thermal blankets
Tow bridle for Flying Scots
Carry marks and flags if mark boat isn’t used.
Engine tilt controlled by button on control handle.