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Marcotte Award

The Marcotte Award is presented each year at the CLSA Annual Meeting, by the outgoing Commodore.  The recipient is the person or couple who, in the judgement of the Commodore, has contributed in an extraordinary fashion to CLSA and has not previously received the award.  The award was created by Gordon Rittmeyer and George Bell to recognize the effort of Doris and Ed Marcotte in the design and construction of the CLSA Shelter-house as well as the re-building of the main Clubhouse. 

Recipients of the Marcotte Award are:

1980 Ed & Doris Marcotte
1981 Dennis Kreimer
1982 Jim Menzies
1983 Ray Simonson
1984 Nancy Evans
1985 Clare Weinshenker
1986 Bob Hadeler
1987 Mark Schoenberger
1988 Betty Duncan
1989 Guy and LaDonna Crossley
1990 Bob Hadeler
1991 John Emmerich
1992 Bob Fremont
1993 Dave Rosekrans
1994 Jack and Nancy Rudy
1995 Bob Peterson
1996 Tim and Wanda Barrett
1997 Dave Aubel
1998 Ken Irwin
1999 George Leet
2000 Stephan Yovan
2001 Doug Fisher
2002 Mike Shayeson
2003 Pete Japikse
2004 Bud Annenberg
2005 Judy Hearn
2006 Karen McGee
2007 Ken Werremeyer & Ellen Dugan
2008 Alice Shoemaker
2009 Patty Lawrence
2010 John Eilers
2011 Mark Shoemaker
2012 Matt Vallo
2013 Tim Gilliland
2014 Connie Rosekrans
2015 Ed Hatfield
2016 Jim Blackburn
2017 Bob Rudy