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Club Championship Sailing Instructions


1 Rules

1.1 Races will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of US Sailing, the rules of the classes participating, except as any of these are changed by these sailing instructions


2 Entries

2.1 Club Championship Series participation is limited to CLSA active and young adult member skippers, eighteen years of age or older, who won their fleet’s CLSA Season Championship the previous racing season.


2.2 If any Season Championship trophy winners from the previous season in a given fleet do not compete in the Club Championship Series, another qualifying skipper from that fleet will be eligible to compete, based on their final position in the standings for the season. No more than one skipper from each fleet may participate.

2.3 Each eligible skipper wishing to compete in the Club Championship Series shall notify the Chair of the PRC no later than one week prior to the event.

2.4 Boats shall comply with the Minimum Safety Requirements specified in the CLSA Sailing Instructions.

2.5 Skipper must sail the class of boat they qualified for in the championship. borrowed/loaned boats may be allowed if they obtain special permission from PRO, this would be due to their boat not being competitive or available to participate in the event.

2.6 Each skipper shall determine amount of crew members that will be sailing on their boat in the event. Crew members are to remain with each boat and will crew with each rotating skipper. Each skipper shall obtain experienced crew for this event.


3 Notices to Competitors

3.1 Notices to competitors will be posted on the CLSA Club House window.


4 Changes in Sailing Instructions

4.1 Changes to these sailing instructions may be made by posting notice of such changes on the CLSA bulletin board or Club House window at least one hour prior to the scheduled warning signal of the first race.


5 Conditions

5.1 Sustained winds shall not be less than 4 mph, nor greater than 18 mph.


5.2 Race length is planned at 30 to 45 minutes long, with 40-45 minutes as the target. Shortening of the course after the start may be used to attain this.


6 Racing Format

6.1 Racing format will be “Round Robin”. The skipper will sail in each class sailboat that qualified for the championship. Scoring will be determined by finishes in each race, skipper with lowest accumulating points for all races shall win the Club Championship. Portsmouth rating for each boats will not be used for the Club Championship. The series will consist of at least 1 race in each class of sailboats participating in this event. The first race of the championship will be randomly drawn by the PRO, not allowing any of the skippers to start the first race in their own boat.


7 Signals Made Ashore

7.1 Signals made ashore will be displayed on the mast of the RC boat at the dock.


7.2 Flag AP with two sound signals (one sound signal when lowered) means ‘The race is postponed. The warning signal will be made not less than 30 minutes after AP is lowered.’


8 Signals Afloat

8.1 Signals made afloat will be displayed on the RC boat and in accordance with the RRS, unless modified by these sailing instructions.


8.2 Code Flag “Y” (diagonal red and yellow stripes) flown from the mast of the RC boat means “All competitors must wear life jackets or other adequate personal buoyancy while racing.” The Race Committee will draw attention to the hoisting of this flag by hailing and/or sounding one sound signal. Competitors observed while racing and not wearing such gear when this flag is flown shall be disqualified. Wet suits and dry suits are not adequate personal buoyancy.


8.3 It is the sole responsibility of each competitor to decide whether and when to wear a life jacket of other adequate personal buoyancy. The absence of Code Flag “Y” before or during a particular race does not indicate that the RCD or CLSA approves of any competitor’s decision to not wear such gear, regardless of the existing weather conditions. The above instruction shall not be construed so as to hold the RCD, any member of the PRC, or CLSA responsible for consequences that result from a competitor’s decision not to wear a life jacket or adequate personal buoyancy whether or not Code Flag “Y” is flown.


9 Schedule of Races

9.1 The races will be scheduled on a Saturday or Monday as designated by the CLSA Board of Governors. See the CLSA schedule of events.


10 Racing Area

10.1 The racing area will be the same as described in the CLSA sailing Instructions. Mark number placards will not be used.


11 The Course

11.1 Triangle Course is signaled by just a numeral pennant flown from the mast of the RC boat and indicates the number of triangle laps to be sailed before the final beat to the finish.


11.2 Olympic Course is signaled by Code Flag “O” (red and yellow sectors divided diagonally) flown from the mast of the RC boat. A numeral pennant flown from the mast of the RC boat indicates the number of complete triangle laps to be sailed before the final windward, leeward and windward legs.


11.3 Windward-Leeward Course will be used for this event and is signaled by displaying Code Flag “W” (red square inside a white square inside a blue square) flown from the mast of the RC boat. A numeral pennant flown from the mast of the RC boat indicates the number of laps to be sailed before the final beat to the finish. The windward mark and offset mark are always left to port. At the leeward marks, boats shall sail between gate Mark S and Mark P from the direction of the last mark and round either Mark S to starboard or Mark P to port, as shown below.

11.4 The start/finish line will be set mid-course on the windward leg so the RC boat can remain in position.


12 Marks

12.1 Marks of the course are normally large orange or yellow floats. The starting and finishing marks are normally smaller yellow floats.


13 The Start

13.1 Races shall be started using the following system:
  • One minute before the warning signal, 4 short horns will sound.
  • Warning signal at 3 minutes before the start, class flag with letter H is hoisted with 1 horn.
  • Preparatory signal at 2 minutes before the start, code flag P is hoisted with 1 horn.
  • At 1 minute before the start, code flag P is removed with 1 longer horn.
  • At the start, the class flag is removed with 1 horn. This changes Rule 26.

13.2 The starting line will be between the main mast on the race committee boat at the starboard end and a starting mark or mark of the course at the port end.


14 Individual Recall

14.1 Individual recalls shall be signaled in accordance with rule 29.2 with the exclusions listed in the CLSA Sailing Instructions.


15 General Recall

15.1 General Recalls will be signaled by hoisting the First Substitute (blue pennant with yellow triangle), accompanied by two sound signals. The recalled fleet will start three minutes after the time of the recalled start. This changes rule 29.3


16 The Finish

16.1 The finishing line will be between the main mast of the RC boat and the nearby finishing mark or mark of the course at the port end. The RC boat will display a blue flag when it is on station for the finish. If the race committee boat is a skiff, the finish line will be between a staff displaying a blue flag), and the finishing mark or mark of the course at the port end.


17 Shorten Course

17.1 At any rounding mark the Race Committee may shorten course by displaying code flag S (blue square on white background) together with the blue finish flag at the new finish line. Two sound signals shall be made as the lead boat approaches.  This changes Rule 32 and Rule 33.


18 Time Limit

18.1 A race must include at least two legs of a course.


18.2 There is no time limit for races. The RCD may abandon any or all starts if it believes a fair contest cannot be completed.


19 Protests

19.1 Protests shall be written on forms available at the Club House and delivered there within 30 minutes after the RC boat lands.


19.2 Protests will be heard in approximately the order of receipt on the day of the race, if possible.


19.3 Protest flags are not required. This changes Rule 61.1(a).


19.4 Appeals will not be allowed.


20 Scoring

20.1 The Low Point scoring system, rule A2, will apply. There will be no throw-outs.


20.2 Ties. If after applying rule A8.1, a tie remains, then the tie will be broken in favor of the boat with the best total elapsed time. This changes rule A8.2.


21 Prizes

21.1 One trophy will be awarded to the winner.