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Signal Flag Storage


Race signal flags are all stored on the Race Committee boat


The lower long flag locker with flags on staffs stored in PVC tubes:

Start flags for Thistles, Highlanders, Lightnings, MC Scows, Snipes, Flying Scots, Lasers and Handicap fleet.
Individual recall signal – flag X
General recall signal – first repeater
Postpone signal – answering pennant
Spare preparatory signal – flag P


Upper long flag locker for flags on staffs:

Two shorten course signals – flag S
Substitute mark – flag M
Around the ends signal – flag I
Change course signal – flag C
Red and green course designation flags
Finish signal – blue flag
420 class start flag
Boat hook


Upper compartment for flags not on staffs:

1 lap signal – flag 1
2 lap signal – flag 2
3 lap signal – flag 3
Figure eight course signal – flag 8
Olympic course signal – flag O
Windward-leeward course signal – flag W
Wear life vests signal – flag Y
Come within hail signal – flag L
Abandon race – flag N
Further instructions ashore – flag H
No more racing today – flag A


Upper flag locker – large flags:

Finish signal – blue flag
Line flag – orange flag


Mounted on tilt-up staff:

Preparatory signal – flag P